Structured Cabling

Everything you need to make your building or enterprise work. Inside the walls. Under the floor. Above the ceiling. Deep in the wiring closet. That’s the universe of structured-cabling systems. OPUS-PRIME designs end-to-end structured cabling solutions, including unshielded and shielded twisted-pair copper systems and single-mode and multi-mode fiber-optic systems using industry leading products manufactured by AMP NETCONNECT and Tyco Electronics and other Tier-1 structured cabling manufacturers. The AMP NETCONNECT line of structured cabling solutions is recognized throughout the industry for its dependability and engineering excellence.

Because every network is unique and has its own requirements, Tyco Electronics offers a full portfolio of AMP NETCONNECT total system solutions, cable and connectivity, designed to accommodate tomorrow’s needs as well as today’s.

AMP NETCONNECT Open Office Cabling Systems

Reconfigure your open office a thousand times. Install your cabling system once. With an AMP NETCONNECT Open Office Cabling System, the people can finally work as well as the furniture. Wherever you park your modular furniture within the open office area, you’re just a short run from outlets for power, voice, data and video. Disconnecting and reconnecting can be done with minimal technical expertise. And instead of shutting down the whole office, you can confine the disruption to the area you’re working in. At last, “modular” is living up to its promise. You can take your office apart, reconfigure it however you need it, put it back together, and it works.

Enhanced Category 5e System

The highest Category 5e performance in the industry. If you’re looking for an enhanced Category 5e / Class D system that’s Gigabit Ethernet-ready and warrantied, AMP NETCONNECT Enhanced Category 5e is your system. It provides a 10 dB improvement in attenuation crosstalk ratio (ACR) across the entire frequency range, and its Power-Sum, Far-End Crosstalk and Return Loss performance exceed the requirements for Gigabit Ethernet, TIA CAT 5e and any other network system requiring four-pair full duplex transmission. And it’s designed for ease of installation and increased reliability for lower administration costs. It’s like Category 5e, only better.

Category 6 System

A billion bits of data with zero errors. ETL SEMKO™ confirms it. The AMP NETCONNECT Category 6 System runs Gigabit Ethernet with a zero bit error rate and headroom to spare. It’s designed and tested as a system to exceed all performance standards for the new 200 MHz Category 6/Class E specification, and it’s powerful enough to take on the next big thing. You can’t achieve this kind of performance with just a cable or a jack; you need a total system.

Category 6E

With so much headroom built into the AMP NETCONNECT Category 6 system, we are able to achieve a significant performance boost using our Cat 6 connecting hardware with our new Cat 6E cable. Through the use of a crosscut spline in the cable, we have increased pair separation for improved crosstalk performance, providing a 5 dB improvement in attenuation-crosstalk ratio with an increase of less than 0.02″ in plenum cable diameter. It’s the UTP system that’s way ahead of the performance curve. We know there is no one right answer for everyone choosing a 10 Gigabit solution. Fiber clearly demonstrates the best standards support and performance so it might justify a fiber solution even at a cost premium. But if you’re looking for a twisted-pair copper solution to support 10 Gigabit and emerging applications like Power over Ethernet, shielded twisted-pair provides excellent performance in a proven, standards-based solution. If demand for faster data rates and more bandwidth has you considering 10 Gigabit, turn to AMP NETCONNECT XG 10 Gigabit Ethernet Solutions, we’re here to help you examine all the options to determine the right cost-effective solution for you. Why look elsewhere?

10 G Copper

XG Shielded Copper Cabling System for 10 Gigabit Shielded twisted-pair cable is widely deployed and proven in much of the world as a recognized media under ISO (ISO 11801 Class F) and TIA/EIA (568B.2-1 ScTP). The AMP NETCONNECT XG Shielded Copper System is backed by years of experience and testing and designed to meet evolving standards. The foil shielding of the AMP NETCONNECT XG Shielded Cabling System virtually eliminates ANEXT, resulting in a high signal-to-noise ratio. Recent tests show 20dB ANEXT and 4 Gbps Shannon Capacity improvements over current 10 Gigabit UTP solutions:

    • Eliminates ANEXT to easily support the proposed 10GBASE-T standard to 100m
    • Twice the Shannon Capacity of existing Category 6 UTP
    • Bandwidth tested to 1000 MHz
    • Ideal where EMI/RFI is a concern, like hospitals and industrial environments
    • Complete end-to-end system with cable, connectors and patch panels

Optical Fiber Solutions:

Redefining the speed of light. Gigabit technology has uncovered the limits of 62.5μm fiber. But AMP NETCONNECT 50μm fiber provides full gigabit performance at 550 meters in intra-building applications using either short-wavelength or long-wavelength lasers, making it the ideal choice for high-speed CNA installations.

10 G Fiber

The XG Fiber System for 10 Gigabit Standards ensure interoperability and performance. The AMP NETCONNECT XG Fiber System has been standards-based and in use in the market since 2002. Optical fiber offers the greatest transmission distance and most bandwidth potential of any 10 Gigabit solution, and technology advancements have dramatically decreased costs. The AMP NETCONNECT XG Fiber System offers easy installation, maximum port utilization and high density for overall cost savings. On the electronics side, the 10 Gigabit fiber solution has a three-year head start on cost reductions and product development:

        • Supports IEEE 10BASE-SR and 10GBASE-LX4 to 300m
        • Complies with OM-3 fiber specifications of 2nd edition ISO 11801
        • Allows Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-SX to 1000m
        • Supports 50/125um legacy LED and laser-based applications
        • Complete end-to-end system with XG 10 Gigabit cable, assemblies and connectors

The XG Fiber System

Get ready for 10GB speed. AMP NETCONNECT XG is a complete system of multimode cable, cable assemblies, and connectors that allows 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Fiber Channel up to 300 meters using low-cost serial transmission. It allows Gigabit Ethernet up to 900 meters and supports the full range of 50/125μm legacy LED and laser-based applications. If you’re looking for a seamless migration to 10 Gigabits, XG is your system.

The MT-RJ Connector – The Future of Fiber-Optic Connections

You’re looking at the future of fiber optic connections. Tyco Electronics, as part of a consortium of global industry leaders, developed the revolutionary new MT-RJ connector, which is rapidly becoming the de facto industry standard by LAN electronics manufacturers supporting the technology.* MT-RJ is half the size of the SC duplex connector it’s designed to replace, so it doubles the port density of any LAN electronic equipment that uses it. It’s field installable in about a minute, because it requires no epoxy and no field polishing. And it’s as easy to connect and disconnect as a telephone jack. Designed to protect the secrets of the United States government, MT-RJ SECURE connectors are now available to protect your data from unauthorized users. Molded keying options on color-coded jacks and plugs provide mechanical security for your network.

The brightest light in fiber optics. Through the campus or building backbone or to the desktop, the MT-RJ Connector System provides the extra bandwidth and distance capabilities demanded by gigabit networking systems and whatever comes after them. Through the use of high-bandwidth multimode and single mode fiber, the MT-RJ Connector System is an ideal choice for today’s high traffic backbone installations. And the MT-RJ Connector System features the revolutionary MT-RJ connector, which packs full fiber optic speed and reliability into a plug and jack the size of an RJ- 45 connector. Its compact size enables increased port density in the closet and at the outlet. The AMP NETCONNECT MT-RJ Connector System is easier to install and use than any fiber system has ever been. If you’re looking for the fiber system for the third millennium, look directly into MT-RJ. It’s brilliant.
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