Opus-Prime™ professionals provide integrated systems design, space planning, and implementation project management services. We specialize in developing customized Smart Systems Solutions for your business. Our integrated systems expertise includes structured cabling, data networking, building automation, unified communications, audio & visual communications, and physical security systems.  Learn more by browsing our website, or contact us for a consultation or quote.

Give Your Business a Technology Makeover

Let us help you optimize your business with technologically advanced systems and solutions. Imagine your work spaces upgraded with Audio & Visual Communications with a touch panel control system, centrally and globally controlling, managing and presenting information. Our designs enable you to control and automate the lights, drapes, screens, thermostats and AV equipment, over the network – all from an intuitive easy-to-use touch panel, or remote or custom keypad. We design effective controls of the technology so you can focus on what’s most important – your customers, your meetings, and your profitability.

Audio & Visual Communications is just one of the types of services we provide. No matter what type of technology makeover your busness needs, Opus-Prime™ customizes solutions specific for your place. Opus-Prime™ meets with and listens to you documenting your business objectives and operational requirements. We work collaboratively with your executive team and design an integrated system with the right kinds of technology, help you obtain and evaluate competitive bids for the project and then provide professional project management services to ensure that each project is implemented as it was designed. We help you do all this within a budget that meets your requirements.

Have Peace of Mind with Opus-Prime™ Security Systems Design Services

No matter what type of organization you belong to, it’s important to have a safe environment and secure facilities. Opus-Prime Security Design Services work with you to understand and assess your needs and the potential security risks to develop a detailed security system plan and budgets for up-front and on-going costs that are customized for your organization. Opus-Prime uses the latest proven technologies that enable your security staff to use proven Intrusion Alarm Systems (IAS), wired or wireless Access-Control Systems (ACS), and high-resolution IP-Video Surveillance Systems (VSS). These solutions help you control and monitor authorized access into your facilities, and provide live and post event management to work with local law enforcement personnel to identify and manage unauthorized access, theft and vandalism to your facilities. Contact us today to learn how we can help protect your organization.

Innovative Networking Products & Technologies

Professionally designed Data Centers and Network Solutions are the foundation for the services and applications you need to realize the potential of your business. Professionals at Opus-Prime design the complete Data Center and high-performance network including high-availability switches, routers, and software that together, creates an inherently intelligent integrated network to adapt to your current and future business needs by:

  • Providing secure, but unconstrained, connectivity between employees, customers and information.
  • Delivering quality, real-time applications, such as voice and video, on a converged network platform.
  • Ensuring secure access to information and resources from anywhere at any time.

To learn more about these services visit our data networking page.

Is Your Organization Operating with a SMART SYSTEM℠?

SMART SYSTEMS℠ TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION is a combination of two or more discreet information technology systems such as: structured cabling, data networking,  building automation, unified communication, audio/visual communication, and physical security. SMART SYSTEMS℠ TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS by Opus-Prime™ differ from traditional systems in that they are purposefully designed to securely integrate and operate over networks of any size and scale, so that vital information can be shared real-time between equipment, personnel, departments, and organizations. Organizations built on SMART SYSTEMS℠ run efficiently, conveniently, and safely. Contact us for a consultation or more information.

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